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2033 Art Deco Grandfather Clock
Art Deco Grandfather clock, beautiful walnut cased clock with domed clock face. 180 cm h 50 cm w 31 cm d British C 1930
art deco clocks Art Deco Grandfather clock (item #2033)
1993 Art Deco Clock
Art deco Clock with lamp garnitures. Awesome large Art deco Clock, with Bronze Swallow and globe garnitures on stepped base. A very impressive french clock. H:56 cm W:43 cm D:12 cm H:44 cm W:1…
art deco clocks ART DECO CLOCK (item #1993)
1817 Art Deco Zodiac Clock
Art Deco Clock Superb Art Deco Zodiac Clock, Blue Glass Face on a Blue Glass and Chrome base. Replacement battery movement, keeps perfect time quietly 27 cm h 38.5-8 cm at the base British C 19…
art deco clocks ART DECO ZODIAC CLOCK (item #1817)
1725 Awesome Art Deco Clock
An Impressive large Art Deco Wall Clock, Stunning clear and Peach Mirror Glass, Sun design star Clock. An impressive 114 cm diameter. British C 1930 Currently on Show at Our London Gallery
art deco clocks AWESOME ART DECO CLOCK (item #1725)
1650 Art Deco Clock
An Art Deco Eight day clock, circular clock face in a resin frame held in a chrome cradle. Produced by Smiths Clocks. good working condition 12 cm h 13 cm w 4 cm d British C 1930
art deco clocks ART DECO CLOCK (item #1650)
1444 Geometric Art Deco Lucite Clock
Stunning Art Deco Clock in a Red and Yellow Geometric Lucite. 14 cm h 18 cm w 7 cm d Newhaven USA C 1930
art deco clocks GEOMETRIC ART DECO LUCITE CLOCK (item #1444)
1428 Art Deco Marble Clock With Figure Of A Cat
An Art Deco Small marble clock with a spelter figure of a cat to one side. 14 cm h 16.5 cm w 5 cm d French C 1930
art deco clocks ART DECO MARBLE CLOCK WITH FIGURE OF A CAT (item #1428)
1395 Art Deco Zodiac Clock
Atlanta 8 day Art Deco Zodiac clock working condition with 1 yr guarantee 19 cm h 16 cm w Germany C 1950
art deco clocks ART DECO ZODIAC CLOCK (item #1395)
1346 Art Deco Westminster Chime Mantle Clock
A Walnut and Macassar Cased Art Deco Clock with Westminster Chime, good soft tone to the chime. 23 cm h 37 cm w 15 cm d British C 1930
art deco clocks ART DECO WESTMINSTER CHIME MANTLE CLOCK (item #1346)
1343 Art Deco Clock
Art Deco Green Glass and Chrome Clock. 8 day by comet. 13 cm h 11 cm w 5 cm d British C 1930
art deco clocks ART DECO CLOCK (item #1343)
1324 Art Deco Smiths 8 Day Clock
An Art deco 8 day Clock on a Stepped chrome base with black vitralite, the Diamond swivel clock held in a chrome Ring raised on barrel feet. 18.5 cm w 13 cm h 3.5 cm d
art deco clocks ART DECO SMITHS 8 DAY CLOCK (item #1324)
1255 Art Deco Clock With Westminster Chime
An Art Deco Clock with a Westminster chime, presented in a Walnut case with Ebony lines and blocks raised on Chrome bar feet. Eight day movement by FHS 28 cm w 23 cm h 12 cm d Continental C 1930…
art deco clocks ART DECO CLOCK WITH WESTMINSTER CHIME (item #1255)
1248 Art Deco Mantle Clock
Stunning Art Deco Figured Walnut and Chrome Swan Clock, beautifully figured Walnut Face with Chrome numerals and dial, supported on a Swan shape Chrome band with chrome ball fittings on a Walnut ba…
art deco clocks ART DECO MANTLE CLOCK (item #1248)