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2244 Art Deco Modernist Chandelier
Art deco modernist Bauhaus Ceiling Pendant. Very impressive Art deco ceiling light with stepped pale blue glass shade suspended on a two tone polished brass and nickel plate column with white cera…
art deco chandeliers Art deco modernist chandelier (item #2244)
2241 Art Deco Walnut Cabinet With Writing Drawer
Art deco cabinet, two drawers and writing drawer over twin door cupboard with single shelf. A good little walnut cabinet also finished at the back so no need to place against a wall. H: 77 cm W: …
Art deco cabinet Art deco walnut cabinet with writing drawer (item #2241)
2240 Art Deco Figural Floor Lamp
A rare Art Deco Figural floor lamp. Biba Girl Clarte Floor Lamp Made for the iconic London Biba store in the 1970s, the Lamp is made from Fibre Glass modelled on a design by Max Leverrier, a ren…
art deco floor lamps Art deco figural floor lamp (item #2240)
2238 Art Deco Amethyst Liquor Set
A beautiful Art deco liquor set with a very modernist linear design on beautiful Amethyst glass. Decanter - H: 21 cm W: 12 cm D: 12 cm Glasses - H: 5 cm W: 5 cm D: 5 cm French c 1930
art deco glass Art Deco Amethyst Liquor Set (item #2238)
2237 Midcentury Glass Hors D'œuvre Dishes In Chrome Stand By Jean Luce
Very fine heavy crystal dishes, the centre well polished out of solid glass the edges beautifully bevelled. designed by Jean Luce H: 13 cm W: 13 cm D: 13 cm French C 1930
art deco glass Midcentury Glass Hors D'œuvre Dishes in Chrome Stand by Jean Luce (item #2237)
2228 A Pair Of Mid Century Bedside Cabinets
A pair of midcentury bedside cabinets in beautiful rosewood. H: 73 cm W: 41 cm D: 23 cm Danish C 1960
bedside tables  A pair of mid century bedside cabinets (item #2228)
2226 Art Deco Photo Frame
Art Deco Chrome Plate Photo Frame Original art deco photo frame with stepped chrome edges. H: 24 cm W: 16 cm D: 10 cm British C 1930
art deco photo/picture frames  Art deco photo frame (item #2226)
2224 Art Nouveau Lamp By Degue
French art nouveau wrought iron table lamp, floral design with an orange bell shaped glass shade, fringed with a cloudy blue and orange design, dined in the glass, Degue H: 50 cm W: 24 cm D: 24 cm…
art nouveau Art nouveau lamp by Degue (item #2224)
2219 Art Deco Table
Art deco side table. Art deco octagonal top table raised on an octagonal base with square column. golden oak with walnut trims. H: 52 cm W: 61 cm D: 61 cm British C 1930
art deco tables art deco table  (item #2219)
2215 Art Deco Cocktail Sideboard Credenza
Harry and Lou Epstein Cocktail cabinet. Art deco cocktail sideboard in birds eye maple. the top section pulls down and the mechanism lifts the top to reveal a mirrored and fitted cocktail bar, cu…
art deco sideboard credenza Art deco cocktail sideboard credenza (item #2215)
2211 Sudre Art Deco Cocktail Bar Glass Marker Set
Sudre cocktail bar sailor with his pole of flags as glass markers. signed to the base of the sailor at the back, on a rosewood base. H: 26 cm W: 10 cm D: 4 cm french c 1930
barware Sudre Art deco cocktail bar glass marker set (item #2211)
2208 Art Deco Bottle Opener In The Form Of A Golf Club
Art Deco bottle opener by Glove hill in the form of a golf club. H: 20cm W: 6 cm D: 5 cm Canadian C 1935
barware Art deco bottle opener in the form of a golf club (item #2208)
2207 Art Deco Photo Frame
Art deco photo frame. burgundy and cream bakelite photo frame, stepped base with curved ends supporting the glass liners to house the photo, this one can be used as a double sided frame to show to…
Bakelite Art deco photo frame (item #2207)
2200 Art Deco Red Bakelite Telephone
fabulous Art Deco Phone in a super bright red bakelite with red cord, all original. Serial Number - 332L PX56/2A H: 15 cm W: 24 cm D: 21 cm British C 1930
Bakelite Art deco red bakelite telephone (item #2200)
2199 Mid Century Clock
Mid century gilt bronze clock. Beautiful little 8 day clock, with the sun and moon hands and star numerals. 15 jewelled clock by Oris H: 14 cm W: 11 cm D: 8 cm Swiss c 1960
Clocks Mid century clock  (item #2199)