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2221 Mid Century Table
Midcentury Centre Table beautiful Quarter Veneer Satin Birch with Walnut Legs, H: 42 cm W: 89 cm D: 89 cm Scandinavian c.1960
contact tables Mid century table   (item #2221)
2134 Mid Century Table
Mid century sofa table, flat chrome frame with thick plate glass top and a stunning rosewood base, designed by Richard Young for Merrow Associates. H: 41 cm W: 122 cm D: 56 cm British C 1970
contact tables mid century table   (item #2134)
2104 Black Ash & Chrome Coffee Table
Black Ash & Tubular Chrome Coffee Table, British c.1960 H: 38cm W: 61cm D: 61cm
contact tables Black Ash & Chrome Coffee Table (item #2104)
2091 Mid Century Table
Mid Century design table. Mid century chrome and brass table with glass top. Italian vintage table in chrome and brass with a glass top, a Classic combination for the iconic designs of Romeo Rega…
contact tables Mid Century table   (item #2091)
2088 Mid Century Rosewood Dining Table By Merrow Associates
Mid Century Rosewood table. Mid Century dining table in a beautiful rosewood with flat chrome supports, incorporating a central turntable, know as a lazy Susan. 73 cm h 137 cm dia, the lazy Susan…
contact tables Mid century rosewood dining table by Merrow Associates (item #2088)
2081 Mid Century Console Tables
Mid Century Console Table Mid century brushed aluminium base console table with polished granite top. Very elegant console table. 76.5 cm h 140 cm w 45 cm d Italy C 1980
contact tables Mid Century Console Tables (item #2081)
2080 Mid Century Table
Mid century glass top table, with chrome frame and magazine rack. British C 1960 35 cm h 112 cm w 48 cm d
contact tables Mid Century table   (item #2080)
2078 Mid Century Table
Mid Century dining table. Mid century teak extendable dining table with Lazy susan. 75.5 cm h 137 cm w 95 cm d each leaf is 50 cm giving an extension to 187 cm or 237 cm, the lazy susan is 35 cm …
contact tables Mid Century Table   (item #2078)
2061 Mid Century Console Tables By Magnus Olesen
A pair of mid century Elm wood console tables. Beautiful black and tan console tables which can be put together to make a centre or dining table. Designed by Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sorensen for …
contact tables mid century console tables by Magnus Olesen (item #2061)
2034 Mid Century Table
Mid Century serving or side table. Fine quality to this very smart table. Designed by Alfred Cox 71 cm h 91.5 cm w 61 cm d British C 1970
contact tables Mid Century Table   (item #2034)
2009 A Pair Of Mid Century Tables And Chairs
Mid Century Modern Design Table and chairs unit. Fantastic Pair of Mid Century Table and two chairs in teak and Aluminium. Superb design, square table concealing circular table and two chairs, th…
contact tables A PAIR OF MID CENTURY TABLES AND CHAIRS (item #2009)
2006 Mid Century Rosewood Chrome And Glass Table By Merrow Associates
Beautiful Rosewood and glass long coffee table on castors. Fine high quality flat chrome frame, heavy plate glass top and beautiful Rosewood Base. Classic mid century furniture. designed by Richa…
2004 Mid Century Rosewood Table
Mid Century Table Mid Century Rosewood coffee table, beautiful grain to this lovely Mid Century table Designed by Kai Kristiansen 50 cm h 169.5 cm w 62 cm d Danish C 1960
contact tables MID CENTURY ROSEWOOD TABLE (item #2004)
1996 Mid Century Vladimir Kegan Trisymmetric Tables
Mid Century Modern Design Tables. An impressive set of Four Trisymmetric tables designed by Vladimir kegan. Finished in a black lacquer with thick plate glass tops. Each Table is 35.5 cm h and 1…
1966 Mid Century Tables By Merrow Associates
MERROW ASSOCIATES Mid Century Tables Mid Century A Pair of Tables by Merrow Associates, high Quality Flat Chrome base with plate glass top and rare black Ash wood base. Designed by Richard Young…
contact tables Mid century tables by Merrow associates  (item #1966)