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2347 Art Deco Walnut Sectional Bookcase Table
British Art Deco Walnut Sectional Bookcase Table c.1930 H: 57 cm W: 58 cm D: 58 cm Octagonal side table with cupboard storage
contact tables Art Deco Walnut Sectional Bookcase Table (item #2347)
2345 Maxwell Armfield Leo Study
1 of 12 Studies for the signs of the Zodiac 'Leo' made for the mural in the Blue Lodge Hampshire, Pencil & Watercolour H: 63cm W: 62cm D: 4cm British C 1930
contact art Maxwell Armfield Leo Study (item #2345)
2344 British Midcentury Jentnor Starburst Electric Clock
Hollywood Regency gilded starburst wall clock H: 50cm W: 68cm D: 10cm British C 1960
contact Clocks British Midcentury Jentnor Starburst Electric Clock (item #2344)
2341 Atomic Nest Of Tables By Bengt Ruda
Midcentury nest of tables Mid century Atomic nest of tables, rosewood tops on ebonies y base. designed by Bengt Ruda H: 50 cm W: 54 cm D: 37 cm Danish C 1960
contact tables Atomic Nest of Tables by Bengt Ruda (item #2341)
2339 Midcentury Zodiac Glass Top Table
Mid century Glass Top Coffee Table with Zodiac Design Shaped glass top with signs of the zodiac motif; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, …
contact tables Midcentury zodiac glass top table (item #2339)
2337 Midcentury Teak Sideboard Credenza By Younger
Mid century sideboard credenza. Central, opposite opening panelled cupboard doors with cross bar decoration, flanked by another single cupboard and three drawers, with brass ring pull handles Man…
contact sideboard credenzas Midcentury teak sideboard credenza by younger (item #2337)
2336 Midcentury Black Leather Reclining Armchair & Ottoman
Mid century Black Leather Reclining Armchair & Ottoman Chair - H: 98 cm W: 70 cm D: 80 cm - 103 cm Ottoman - H: 37 cm W: 51 cm D: 45 cm C 1970
contact chairs Midcentury Black Leather Reclining Armchair & Ottoman (item #2336)
2326 Mid Century Tables By Arne Vodder
A pair of midcentury cocktail or coffee tables. A beautiful pair of mid century rosewood tables by the renowned designer Arne Vodder. Elegant Danish design Tapered legs with cross bar supports …
contact tables Mid century tables by Arne Vodder (item #2326)
2325 Mid Century Cocktail Tables
A pair of midcentury cocktail or coffee tables. A pair of mid century tables with rosewood tops and polished golden brass frames. H: 46 cm W: 62 cm D: 47 cm Italy C 1960
contact tables mid century cocktail tables (item #2325)
2321 Italian Mid Century Sputnik Light
Midcentury sputnik chandelier. H: 70 cm W: 70 cm D: 70 cm italy c 1960
contact lighting Italian mid century sputnik light (item #2321)
2310 Mid Century Rosewood And Chrome Sideboard
midcentury Rosewood and chrome sideboard credenza Beautiful grain to this rosewood sideboard, flat chrome sides with inset circular chrome handles. This is also finished at the back, so no need t…
contact sideboard credenzas mid century rosewood and chrome sideboard (item #2310)
2306 Mid Century Cocktail Bar
Mid century bar. Danish midcentury teak bar. 81 cm h 74 cm w 43.5 cm d by Domus Danica C 1960
contact cocktail cabinets mid century cocktail bar (item #2306)
2304 Mid Century Heals Sideboard
Mid century sideboard credenza in a beautiful golden oak wood with contrasting Rosewood drawers. Heals of London 96 cm h at the back 94.5 cm at the front 137 cm w 46 cm d British C 1960
contact sideboard credenzas Mid century heals sideboard (item #2304)
2300 Mid Century Rosewood Conference Table
Midcentury rosewood conference table with polished steel support. beautiful grain to this rich rosewood table, the table disassemble for ease of transport or re positioning. Very high quality and…
contact tables Mid century rosewood conference table (item #2300)
2295 A Rare Mid Century Ply Desk
Unusual and Rare Mid Century textured ply desk. At the moment this is unattributed, but a very interesting desk with loads of style. Bank of three drawers to the right raised on a v support, the …
contact desks A rare Mid century ply desk (item #2295)