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2209 Art Deco Perfume Bottle
Art deco perfume bottle with powder bowl base. beautiful pale blue cut crystal, with a stepped silver collar. Designed by Francois Koozi. Stamped in the silver collar. H: 23 cm W: 14 cm D: 14 c…
contact art deco glass Art deco perfume bottle (item #2209)
2103 Art Deco Cut Crystal Liquor Set
Art Deco Cut Crystal Liquor Set Bottle - H: 25cm W: 12cm D: 12cm Glass - H: 8cm W: 9cm D: 9cm Czech C 1930
contact art deco glass Art Deco Cut Crystal Liquor Set (item #2103)
1989 Art Deco Liquor Set
Art Deco Liquor Set. Beautiful Art deco Liquor set, decanter and 4 glasses, the glass partly coloured and embossed. H:24 cm W:11 cm D:11 cm Glasses H:6 cm W:4 cm D:4 cm French C 1930
contact art deco glass ART DECO LIQUOR SET (item #1989)
1982 Art Deco Purfume Bottle
Art Deco Glass Perfume bottle. Beautiful Blue Glass Art Deco Perfume Bottle with Spider web design. 17 cm h 8.5 cm w 4.5 cm d Czech C 1930
contact art deco glass ART DECO PURFUME BOTTLE (item #1982)
1687 Art Deco Liquor Set
Awesome Art deco Liquor set with Scottie dog decoration. Faceted Glass with the front panel frosted and a Black Scottie dog decoration. The Decanter is 20 cm h 14 cm w 6 cm d The six Glasses are…
contact art deco glass ART DECO LIQUOR SET (item #1687)
1678 Stuart Crystal Art Deco Hock Glasses And Decanter
A Set of Art Deco Hock Glasses and Decanter. Stuart Crystal Art Deco Amber Glass Set, six Hock Glasses with matching Decanter. Glasses 17.5 cm h 7.5 cm dia Decanter 22 cm h 10 cm dia British C …
contact art deco glass STUART CRYSTAL ART DECO HOCK GLASSES AND DECANTER (item #1678)
1607 Webb Corbett Art Deco Crystal Vase
Art Deco Crystal vase with abstract decoration. This is a superb heavy cut crystal vase with and exceptional Art deco design Webb Corbett (1897-2000) 25 cm h 15 cm dia at the top British C 1930…
contact art deco glass WEBB CORBETT ART DECO CRYSTAL VASE (item #1607)
1579 Art Deco Glass Bowl By Charles Schneider (1881-19530)
Art Deco Acid-Etched charcoal Glass Bowl with a Good Geometric Design. Signed in the base. 41 cm dia 5.5 cm d
contact art deco glass ART DECO GLASS BOWL BY CHARLES SCHNEIDER (1881-19530) (item #1579)
1294 A Rare Uranium Glass Liquor Set
A Rare Art Deco Liquor set, Pale blue Uranium Glass turning to Mauve. Decanter and four faceted glasses. each Glass 6 cm high and 5 cm dia at the top Decanter 27 cm high 12.5 cm w 5.5 cm d Brit…
contact art deco glass A RARE URANIUM GLASS LIQUOR set (item #1294)
960 Art Deco Knife Rests
A rare set of six Art Deco Knife rests, acid etched geometric design by Jean Luce (1895-1964) French C 1930
£ 380 art deco glass Art Deco Knife rests (item #960)
951 Art Deco Scent Bottle
An Art Deco Cut Crystal Scent bottle with silver top. C 1930. 12 cm high
contact art deco glass Art Deco Scent Bottle (item #951)
907 Deceptive Glass
Deceptive Glass, one available, these glasses were produced to decive your fellow drinkers, as they hold less liquor than an ordinary glass but look just as full. 11cm high french 1860-1880
£ 38 art deco glass Deceptive glass (item #907)
732 Moser Safari Etched Glass Jug
Wonderful large glass jug, beautifully etched with trees and Safari animals. Moser. C 1930 26cm high
contact art deco glass Moser safari etched glass jug (item #732)
578 Art Deco Water Set
Fabulous Art Deco cut glass water set each vessel is stepped and finished with a black glass base, the jug also has a black glass handle. great geometric design.
contact art deco glass Art Deco Water Set (item #578)