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466 Cane Car
A good decorative item for anywhere in the home or office, Mid 20th century cane car, probably from the somerset weavers. approx 1 metre long and 56cm wide
contact Other items Cane Car (item #466)
463 Wall Bureau
Rare Rowley Wall Bureau: this space saving Wall mounted Bureau is just 3" the bottom section opens out to reveal file storage and the top section opens down to give a work desk with pigeon holes. …
contact Office Wall Bureau (item #463)
394 Betty Joel Fitted Suite
A beautiful bedroom suite by Betty Joel, satin wood with blue mirror glass trims, giving an extremely smart modern look. Double wardrobe for hanging clothes, a single wardrobe fitted with shelves,…
contact Bedroom Betty Joel Fitted suite (item #394)
343 Trio
Vogue shape trio with the Green blocks pattern # 11785
£ 330 Shelley Teaware Trio (item #343)
212 Office Worker
Gordon Bird 1921-2006 "Office Worker" Oil on canvas 1974 60cm-75cm Framed
contact Art Office Worker (item #212)
211 Head Study
Gordon Bird 1921-2006 "Head Study" Oil on Canvas signed G Bird 1979. Framed 80cm-69cm
contact Art Head Study (item #211)
184 Vase
Great mushroom shaped vase with a good poppy decoration, 7" high, signed G Cartlidge
£ 1,650 Morrisware Vase (item #184)
183 Vase
Impressive 14 1/2" high vase, blue ground with purple flowers, Pattern #C28-2
£ 2,200 Morrisware Vase (item #183)
182 Vase
Excellent vase with purple flowers on mustard ground, Pattern #C.3.4, 7 1/4" high
£ 1,750 Morrisware Vase (item #182)
180 Vase
A fantastic Tulip design on a blue background. C7.27
£ 1,400 Morrisware Vase (item #180)
179 Vase
A lovely vase with slender neck and Purple flowers on a blue ground...10" high. C2- 13
£ 980 Morrisware Vase (item #179)
178 Vase
A lovely vase with slender neck and pink flowers, an unusual colour...10" high
£ 1,100 Morrisware Vase (item #178)
175 Vase
9.5" high vase with a mustard ground, Pattern #C1-4, initialed GC
£ 1,400 Morrisware Vase (item #175)
174 Vase
Fantastic 11" high goblet shaped vase with a peacock feather design, Pattern #C79-1, signed G Cartlidge
£ 2,200 Morrisware Vase (item #174)
167 Plate
Cherry-ripe, by Molly Hancock, 8 1/2" diameter
£ 165 Hancock Plate (item #167)