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2270 Art Deco Adnet Wine Carrier Chrome With Mirror Base
Art deco chrome and mirror glass wine or bottle carrier. Designed by Jaques Adnet. H: 28 cm W: 24 cm D: 23 cm French C 1930
contact barware Art Deco Adnet Wine Carrier Chrome with Mirror Base (item #2270)
2258 Art Deco Modernist Tantalus By Jaques Adnet
Art deco Modernist Chrome plated tantalus designed by Jaques Adnet H: 26 cm W: 29 cm D: 12 cm French C 1930
contact barware Art Deco modernist Tantalus by Jaques Adnet (item #2258)
2184 Art Deco Modernist Chandelier
Art deco Modernist Alabaster ceiling pendant in the manner of Adnet Beautiful stepped alabaster shade held with chrome plated rods and ceiling rose. H: 75cm W: 37cm D: 37cm French C 1930
contact art deco chandeliers Art deco modernist chandelier (item #2184)
1972 Art Deco Chandelier
Stunning Art Deco Chandelier. Art Deco Chandelier Rosewood and Chrome column, three chrome branches holding the original domed glass shades, the central rosewood octagonal plinth holding three Chr…
contact art deco chandeliers ART DECO CHANDELIER (item #1972)